If you'd like to read this title on your Kindle, follow the steps below (you only need to do this once. If you’ve already done this, download the Smashwords version and it will be delivered to your Kindle)


1.Add this email address ( edelivery@smashwords.com ) to your approved emails list for your Kindle’s email address. Also, copy or write down your Kindle’s email address for later use. If you need helping finding your Kindle email address and approved sender’s list, see steps below.

2.Create a free Smashwords account if you don’t have one and follow this link https://www.smashwords.com/edelivery/info  and scroll down and click on Manage eDelivery

3.Underneath Destination, tick the box next to Deliver to my email address

4.Change the format from epub to mobi, by clicking the ‘Change Formats’ button. Uncheck epub and check mobi, then press ‘Change Formats’ button

5.Next, the delivery address needs to be changed. Click the ‘Change Address’ button.

6.Your ‘default’ address will be there. Remove it and paste or type in your Kindle email address.

7.When you have changed it, click the green ‘Change Address’ button.

8.Check that… 

•The format is what you changed it to be  (.mobi)

•The address has been changed to your Kindle’s email address

•That ‘Deliver to my email address…’ is ticked 

•That ‘Deliver to by Default’ is also ticked

•Then, when you next buy a book (or a free one) on Smashwords, click ‘Send to Email’. As you have set up the format you require you can ignore the download options (it will send a mobi file to your Kindle).


If you wait a few moments after clicking the ‘Send to Email’ button you should see confirmation that it has been sent… and the format it was sent in (should be mobi).

Once you’ve done this, purchase the book from Smashwords and enjoy it on your Kindle!

If you need help locating your Kindle email address follow the steps below 




1.Log onto Amazon.com and sign into your account

2.Go to the Accounts and Lists dropdown It is at the top, in the heading bar. Click the arrow at the side of Lists to activate the dropdown. On one side you will see ‘Lists’, on the other Your account. Move your mouse to Manage your Content and Devices.

3.You will be at the top of your ‘Manage Content and Devices’ page. If you are not on the Settings tab, click to open it.

4.Scroll down the page. You will find the email address for your Kindle. If you have more than one device you will see them all listed. Choose the one you want and copy it.

5.At this time you can also add edelivery@smashwords.com to your approved addresses list. Just click the link ‘Add an approved address


1.Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.

2.From Settings, scroll down to Personal Document Settings.

3.Under Send-to-Kindle Email Settings, your Send to Kindle email address will be listed.

Note: If your device or Kindle reading app is not compatible with Kindle Personal Documents Service, a Send to Kindle email address will not be listed for that device.